Daniele Arbisi

DanieleDaniele Arbisi 

23-year-old Daniele Arbisi comes from Worthing in West Sussex, although his family originates from many different parts of the world. Daniele's father Enzio is Sicilian and his mother Anne is half English, half German. He's got three brothers - one of whom was fostered by the family from Somalia.

Daniele currently lives with his Aunt Joanna - who he says is like a mother to him - and his grandfather.

Before reaching the studio finals of DanceX, Daniele worked in a number of different jobs. He was a recruitment administrator, a customer tilling sales advisor and a salsa aerobics instructor, hoping for a role that would kick-start his performing arts career. In fact, Daniele had auditioned for Arlene before, for a part in the West End smash hit 'We Will Rock You' - she turned him down for looking too young!

Daniele decided to audition for DanceX because everything about him craves performance "My heart, feet and voice beat to the music... But most of all I want to do this for me - I deserve this opportunity - I have worked so hard to get to where I am today and I will not give up."

Daniele has double jointed shoulder blades and can do a great impression of both Kermit The Frog and DanceX judge Bruno Tonioli. Daniele has also been told that he has a similar bum to Jennifer Lopez and likes to shake it wherever possible!