Show Seven - The Final
It's the final dance off! Only one group can leave the show victorious and Arlene and Bruno battle it out for the last time. This is the groups' final chance to win over the voting public and they must give their all if they want to be crowned the DanceX champions. The viewers' favourite group will be catapulted to fame and have the chance to start an illustrious career as part of a brand new all-dancing, all-singing act. Winning prize will include a recording contract and supporting Rihanna on her UK Arena tour later on this year.

Winning group will also release a single called Dancing in Repeat and a recording contract and nationwide status.

Team Bruno journey to the prize

Team Bruno's Journey to Victory

In the first live show Bruno got lucky getting the opportunity to pick his team first, three times in a row. He went for the big-guns, the divas and the dancers - Claire, Daniele, Marie, Marcquelle, Phoenix, Rana and Rebecca.

But going for the outstanding individuals looked like it was going to be Team Bruno's downfall as they struggled to shed the apparent 'team of individuals' image.

Battle commenced and, amazingly, Team Arlene romped home for the first two shows. In Latin week, Team Arlene made full use of creative choreography and chairs to scoop the victory. Bruno was forced to pick someone to go home from his team and that person was Becky.

It was clear that Arlene's group were bonding whereas Team Bruno just didn't seem to gel. In preparation for the next week's show, Team Bruno struggled to pull together as a group, the strain of the defeat visibly getting to them. And on the night, the fallouts showed as Team Arlene made it two wins on the spin.

The theme was Rock and Roll and, unfortunately when it was clear his team didn't rock, Bruno decided to save 'his voice' in Claire and Daniele's head was the one that had to to roll.

It seemed that Team Arlene was winning the popular vote as she herself admitted they'd been slightly off on the night. Could it be that people didn't like the individual competition of egos in Bruno's team?

Whatever, the gloves were off as Bruno accused Team Arlene of not sticking to the rules and dancing clever but not to the brief. Things were getting personal and Team Bruno looked in real danger of going from five to four.

In the next show, DanceX gambled on Las Vegas impressing the audience and it didn't disappoint. But as the action hotted up, there could only be one winner on the night and, against the odds and for the first time, Bruno's team took top spot forcing Arlene to choose her first contestant to leave.

It felt like payback for Arlene's poor but winning performance the week before and Bruno's group finally seemed to convince the audience they were performing as one. Arlene took the tough choice of putting Camilla against Ife in the head to head and it was Ife that fell short.

And so it came to the semi-final as 2-1 to Arlene. Both teams had 'disco fever' and the pressure was really on. Alongside some light-hearted banter there was a competitive edge between Bruno and Arlene - both desperate to keep all members of their team to go through to the big final.

We learned that shortly before the show Phoenix had found the pressure too much and had walked out on his team. By the night, they'd settled their differences and were there as the self-styled 'Fabulous Five'. They certainly seemed to out-perform Arlene's 'Sensational Six' on the night as the viewers voted Bruno's team the winners.

The tables had completely turned and it was Ashley and Kalvin who had to fight to stay in the competition. Arlene was visibly shaken as she had to make her choice and although she "loved him to bits", she picked Kalvin to go home.

Then there was the final and the rest is history, but the future is bright for DanceX's Team Bruno as they go on tour supporting Rihanna and bag a record deal as from tonight.