Rana Roy

Rana24 year old Rebecca grew up in Bangor, North Wales, and currently lives between Wales, Liverpool and Hampton. Her family still lives in Wales. Her mum Jeanette is training to be a teacher and her Cantonese dad Tony runs his own business selling seafood to Chinese restaurants. She has three brothers. Rebecca speaks both Welsh and Cantonese.

Rebecca took ballet dance classes from the age of two but by the age of 14, she was ready to pack in dance for good. But Rebecca's mum persuaded her to keep up the classes and in the end she admits it was all worthwhile. Privately educated, she was very academic at school and always assumed she'd end up getting a 'proper job' in law or accountancy.

"I just started rebelling", she admits. "I fell out with my parents and had to move in with my nan." It was only towards the end of sixth form that she realised it would be a shame to fail at school completely and managed to cram enough to get through.

After dance college she got a job with a touring dance company, and over the next two years travelled the world with them.

Rebecca is terrified of the singing component to DanceX. She has never really sung before and is not keen to let her voice be heard under any circumstances, let alone on live television!